House of Stone

Cover for House of Stone Album, 2011

House of Stone is a five-part episodic avant garde opera composed and recorded between 2006-2016. The work tells the story of five siblings struggling to survive in the wake of their father’s untimely death. SORNE wrote over eighty songs using his five octave vocal range, make-shift percussion using objects such as stretched canvases, flapping dog ears, pots, pans, droning sounds of printers and kazoos as percussive and melodic elements in the work. The debut record, House of Stone serves as the overture to the opera with five volumes of music providing the narrative content, all told from the perspective of the five brothers and sisters. In conjunction with the music, SORNE created hundreds of art works, designed and built stage sets and costumes and toured internationally working with a host of dancers who brought the story to life.

Spiritus EP

Cover For Spiritus EP, 2017

The Spiritus EP is a small collection of single-take looped vocal performances, which serve to represent the dynamic and theatrical durational experiences presented by Sorne. Each performance would range anywhere from an hour to eight hours at a time and consist of almost entirely improvised music for live audiences.

For inquiries: mgmt@sorne.com

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